About (Carpe’ Diem!):

Which of these do you desire most?

  1. To maximize your camp’s mission and revenues simultaneously

  1. To own the tools for filling your summer sessions to capacity

  1. To inspire thousands of schoolchildren during the off-season

  1. To acquire one-of-a-kind programming as All-American as apple pie

  1. To restore the founding principles of America

Then again, there’s no need to choose.

You can have them all!

During this introductory period, camp owners may purchase Jamie the Builder’s one-of-a-kind programming for a fraction of its market value.  Moreover, new Licensees may use these state-of-the-art programs without limitations upon their use.  Click on the “Dividends” page to discover all of the details.  Presently, camp owners who purchase Project American Life (PAL) will receive Your Outdoor University (YOU) as a FREE bonus.